The plant cell growth company


Our patented biofarming technology enables us to produce specific types of plant cells without having to grow the plant. This means low cost and high-quality core ingredients for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and supplement producers
BioHarvest Sciences has a clear Path to Commercialization:

  • Manufacturing agreement with Sugart to provide 20 Ton capacity facility for 2021

  • September 2020 – signed US Distribution agreement with Batory Foods for up to $18 Million of Vinia over 7 years

  • Vinia product is currently available to consumers in Israel, with US B2C introduction expected in early 2021

  • Over $30 Million CAD spent on Research and Development

  • Patented technology

  • Proven Management team on both Product Development and Commercialization

  • Low Cap Ex alternative to traditional agricuture that will allow scaleable production of ingredients such as hemp based CBD, grape, olive, and pomegranate products

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