We invented Biofarming for plants cell
growth in order to produce naturally
the secondary metabolites economically
and consistently devoid of any
undesired materials (like sugars or fat).

Our production is not dependent on any seasonality
and is done in totally aseptic conditions.

The Biofarming Process

We take a plant once, and we never need it again

  • Performed once
  • The perpetual process

The process in 5 steps

We take a plant

We first select the desired plant that contains important active phytochemicals and then we select the part of the plant that contains the cells we desire to grow.

Isolate the cells

Following the selection of the part of the plant that contains the desired cells for growth, we cut them in small pieces and insert them into a Petri dish on a solid medium that contains nutrients. The Biofarming technology mimics nature and as such, the Petri dish is stored in a controlled temperature, light intensity and oxygen amounts that are required for the plant cells to grow. These cells which are a “microcosm of nature” containing all the components that are produced in the mother plant in their original structure.

Store them in cell bank

These cells grown in the Petri dish now constitute the “cells bank” that is been used for perpetual production. At this stage we have total independence of the mother plant and we will never use it again!


These plant cells, capable of growing in liquid mediums, are used perpetually for infinite production of the active ingredients in a large scale bioreactor with industrial production. Within 3 weeks, and hence 17 cycles per year, the cells grow to reach the adequate biomass. The Biofarming process is conducted in aseptic conditions and in total compliance with all ISO and GMP requirements.


In the next step, the cells that reached the adequate biomass are harvested and dried into a final powder form containing the desired active phytochemicals. The produced powder can then be packaged for use in different applications.

Biofarming Superiority Over Conventional Cannabis Cultivation
  • Biofarming
  • Conventional Cannabis Farming

Our competitive advantage (The 6 C's)

Using our patented Biofarming technology (cell growth), we bring to the world these secondary metabolites in an economic and consistent manners at their natural state ensuring the highest bioavailability and efficacy.

  • Cost

    The cost advantage is inherent to the biofarming technology as it bypasses the inefficiency of growing the entire plant when all is needed are the active ingredients. These are grown directly in bioreactors and harvested every 3 weeks which creates 17 cycles per year. The results of the above is an order of magnitude lower cost of production.

  • Consistency

    The biofarming technology guarantees the perpetual consistency of the product as it always starts from the same exact cells corresponding to the original plant and strain. Such consistency is critical for nutraceuticals and medical cannabis let alone for any pharmaceutical application.

  • Concentrated

    The biofarming process allows for the increase of the concentration of certain molecules compared to their original manifestation in the source plant. In some cases we can achieve 100x increase. This reduces dramatically the cost of producing certain Important and desired ingredients that are normally manifested in plants at a very low concentration.

  • Caring
    for Earth

    The biofarming process consumes much less natural resources (including but not limited to land, water, electricity and energy) ensuring sustainability. We do not use any pesticides and do not harm the environment.

  • Cleanliness

    The biofarming process is conducted in aseptic and controlled environment guaranteeing the quality and the cleanliness of the product. Our products will not have any fungi, mold or any contamination. Our products will not require any type of radiation or decontamination prior to consumption.

  • Complex
    of active ingredients

    The biofarming technology allows to keep the full spectrum complex of the secondary metabolites to keep them in their original molecular structure guaranteeing the maximum bioavailability to the human body.